Stay motivated to achieve goals with the new ‘Reward’ app, available at Google Play store

October 27 18:46 2017

Reward is the newly launched motivational app on Google Play store that is aimed to boost motivation, performance and general happiness of the user. The app enables the user to set rewards for them and assign a price to it, for example, the reward can be, having a pizza and the assigned price can be 2000. Every time the user does something productive or achieves a goal, he can rate his task through the rating bars and subsequently gets points for it. Now when he’ll finally reach the self-assigned reward goal of 2000 points, he can reward himself by having a pizza!

One of the major factors that differentiates this app from similar other motivation apps is that it doesn’t require the user to enter to-dos or detailed texts. So the app doesn’t force the user to log in every aspect of his life but simply set up his rewards as per his convenience. Users won’t need to type in new tasks or scroll through categories but simply receive reward points by 3 taps and 1 post, once a task is completed.

It’s a simple app which allows the users to rate the task they have done for the day and just move on. Unlike other apps that require the users to predefine their goals or to-dos, this app is designed to simply get rewards for whatever task they do which ultimately helps in uplifting their mood and provide motivation to work more and earn more rewards. Using this app, the users can motivate themselves to reach their goals and increase their daily performance. They can start by setting small rewards and work harder to achieve them.

Some examples of reward setting could be buying a new TV, making a cheat day, buying a pair of shoes, investing money or anything else. The user can simply add the goal and add a price to them. He’ll earn points for everything positive he achieves. The app allows the user to rate their fulfilled tasks by difficulty and time and also add bonus points for special occasions. Every time he’ll achieve a goal, he’ll get points and feel happy. A positive and happy mind, in turn, leads to more productivity and better performance.

The user gets rewarded with points and trades these points for the reward he chose. So when in this example the user ultimately redeems the points for the reward to give him a cheat day he doesn’t need to feel guilty about not working that day.  In the long run, he can connect his daily tasks with something positive.

The app also allows users to customize the rating areas as well as add and remove rating bars freely. They can also see statistics of their daily or weekly performance and compare it to work harder.

The app can be downloaded for free at Google Play store and more information is available at

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